Lake experience

Holidays like in paradise are waiting for you during the summer months at Lake Reschen. Let your eyes wander over the sparkling waves. Admire the mountains from the lake shore. Feel the sun on your skin. Anything is possible. Relax on the promenade with a good book. Or be part of the action sport on the lake – or anything in between.

Lake promenade
Boat & kayak
Kitesurfing & sailing

Enjoy your holidays, where the waves are washing softly ashore.

Comfortably relax on a bench at the shore and listen to nature. Enjoy the view and feel the calm. During your walk or during your bike tour on the lake promenade. The track around the Reschensee lures Nordic walkers and joggers already in the early hours of the morning to take a refreshing break. With its 45 metres of depth and of course its symbol, the church steeple of Alt-Graun, it is a really impressive sight. You can also go fishing at the Reschensee. Especially trout fishers will get their money’s worth. Receive your day ticket at the tourism agency in Graun. We at hotel eden wish you ‘Tight Lines!’.

Enjoy stunning views not only from the shore of the Reschensee, but also on the lake itself. Enjoy the jaw-dropping vistas, while taking a boat trip. And listen to the stories, that the captain tells about the history of Lake Reschen and the villages Graun, Reschen and Arlund, that are hidden in its depths. This kind of special adventure can be experienced from mid-July to October. For those, preferring to cross the lake in a kayak, there are guided kayak tours. Get a tutorial on how to paddle correctly and receive necessary information about kayaking. Afterwards you can start your adventure in the soft waves of the lake for about an hour. With the sound of the water lapping on the kayak.

The kitesurfing paradise Lake Reschen features two kitesurfing schools. Those offer courses to improve the skills of beginners and learners. And provide the best material. Feel the speed gliding over the lake. With your hair whipping in the wind and the adrenaline flowing through your body. Also, sailors are welcome in our eden Boutique Hotel. Sailing at the Reschensee is a real experience, active and relaxing at the same time. And if the wind should take a break, our active guests can have fun at stand-up-paddling. Rent boards and paddles at the kitesurfing school.

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