Lake experience

Sparkling ice crystals on the lake. Glistening snow on the surrounding mountains – that is nature experience at the Reschensee. The swirling snowflakes and the lake, shimmering in the winter sun, provide best holiday mood and the love for adventures in your winter holidays.

Kitesurfing & ice yachting
Ice skating
Lake promenade

Action on the ice – wind in your face, sparkling eyes

Glide along the ice! The professionals annually show you how. At the Snowkite Worldcup they impress the spectators with their spectacular jumps. You can watch the stunts from afar. Or have you acquired a taste for it and would like to try it yourself? Two kitesurfing schools offer courses for beginners and advanced learners. With best equipment and well-trained instructors. Instead of the summer equipment – a surfboard – you glide on the frozen lake with skis or a snowboard. Feel the speed and glide along the ice! Action for daredevils. The elements water, wind and sun cling together for a wonderful adventure. Go ice yachting in the months of December and January!

The lake San Valentino alla Muta is a top-destination for ice-skating. Hardly any ice-skating facility has as much charm and atmosphere as this one. Of course, the pleasure depends on the weather conditions. Safe ice-skating is only possible if the lake is frozen at least 40 cm deep. But if the weather allows it, an ice-skating rink around the lake is prepared, where everyone can enjoy the cold. The fast skaters speed on their rounds and the beginners take their first steps on the surface, as smooth as glass. Maybe you want to make some pirouettes yourself or romantically skate on the icy lake. You do not have your ice-skates with you? That is okay, as you can rent a fitting pair at the “Camping zum See”.

When the snowflakes are dancing from the skies above and the cold, fresh air is prickling on your skin, it is time to strap your winter boots and take a romantic tour along the shore of the lake. Become a part of the tranquillity of the winter landscape and enjoy the view of the glistening lake. Watch the kitesurfers, that are gliding along the frozen lake in winter. At the bar of our eden Boutique Hotel a hot drink is waiting for you on your return. Or you retreat to our wellness and spa area. There you can relax in the calming warmth, enjoying wonderful vistas.

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