Snowkiting at the Reschen pass and other winter adventures

Friends of action sports will perceive the winter in Reschen as a unique event. You’ll find many offers that will inspire you to new adventures! How about snowkiting at the Reschen lake or the Haider lake? Instead of a surfboard, you use skis or a snowboard to surf during winter while the stunt kite pulls you over the ice. In the snowkiting school at the Reschen lake, you´ll learn the basics of this winter surf sport. The Reschen lake in front of the Eden hotel is one of the most popular and famous kite centers throughout Europe. Even the annually contested snowkiting championships are held here. Other possibilities for snowkiting are to be found in Graun or at the fishermen’s houses at the Haider lake.


Winter sport in South Tyrol with ice sailing, ice skating, and ice climbing
Ice sailing on the Reschen lake and the Haider lake are part of the action-packed winter sports in South Tyrol. From early December until early March you´ll have the opportunity to sail with a little sailor on the frozen lakes. Don´t miss this fun and enjoy a racy, windy ride on the ice!
You want to be more active yourself, then you can opt for ice skating on the Reschen lake. Rent your skates directly at the rink on the Reschen lake and make gentle pirouettes or measure your speed and power in comparison with other skaters. The two (400 m and 10 km long) natural ice rinks at the Reschen lake will inspire you to excel!
Who does not want to miss climbing even during winter can try his hand at ice climbing in South Tyrol. Beginners firstly practice on the ice tower in Reschen. Here you can climb with fuse and guided by the experts of the mountain rescue during your first glacier. Experienced ice climbers go to the Langtauferer valley, where many frozen waterfalls offer the desired challenge or take a guided tour to the Weißkugel in the Oetztal Alps.
Would you like to bring freeride skiing in South Tyrol to a whole new level? The ski resort Nauders offers you three new routes out of a total of five. Here you can enjoy miles of white powder snow and a clear descent on your own behalf. Also recommended for fans of action is the fun park in Nauders: kickers, rails, and obstacles present the desired adrenalin rush. The famous “Senseless Crew” from Nauders regularly shows its skills and inspires you to want more.