Activity holidays in South Tyrol means climbing, kite surfing, and kayaking
Would you like an active holiday in South Tyrol, then you are right at the Eden hotel in Reschen? Lots of opportunities to spend your demanding and varied sports holiday in South Tyrol are awaiting you. At the Reschen pass, you can combine pure action with unique adventures in nature so that you will remember your active holiday in South Tyrol for a long time. If you come to Reschen to explore the mountains two of the most beautiful fixed rope routes in South Tyrol are at your fingertips right in the holiday region Reschen pass. For example, the Goldweg to the Bergkastel peak in the Oetztal Alps. This classic among the vie ferrate is very demanding. Only experienced mountaineers can tackle it using their climbing equipment. The efforts of the route are rewarded at the Ursteingrat with a wonderful mountain top show and a descent which passes along the picturesque Gold Lakes. The Tiroler trail also offers a breathtaking panoramic view, on one hand on the Reschensee on the other hand on the north tyrolean and south tyrolean mountains. For those travelers who prefer to spend their time lakeside rather than in the mountains, kitesurfing is recommended at the Reschen lake. The Reschen lake in front of the Eden hotel is a popular meeting place for fans of the popular sport and is one of the most popular kitesurfing centers in all of Europe. Consult the Adrenalina Kitesurf Club where professional teachers offer courses.

Kayaking in South Tyrol? Or rather rafting and paragliding? Everything is possible!
Kayaking in South Tyrol is also a great activity. Guided kayak tours on the Reschen lake or the Haider lake are possible after registration, paddles and life jackets are provided. Introductory courses are provided by the organizer Christian every Monday morning: The basic techniques are explained during those courses. For those who think that kayak is too boring, rafting in South Tyrol on the Etsch or the Inn, the “king of the alpine rivers”, are optimal options. Wild waters, spectacular gorges, and adventurous descents provide the necessary thrills. Beginners firstly try out the quieter stretches before they plunge into the whitewater adventure. Also popular among action sportsmen is paragliding in South Tyrol. Only in this sport, you can fulfill your dream of flying! Not only will you enjoy the indescribable feeling of weightlessness, you will also get some uplifting views on the beautiful landscape with its mountains and valleys. The tourist association organizes tandem flights on request so that you can start your first tandem flight directly after a first introduction! No matter which sport you are interested in: The Reschen pass in South Tyrol provides you with the right offer. Boredom has no chance here really!